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Author Topic: Application Form + Class Needs - L60 Required  (Read 6060 times)


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Application Form + Class Needs - L60 Required
« on: February 02, 2019, 06:31:22 PM »
Please take this process seriously and read this in it's entirety.

Application Requirements
You must be L60
You must be willing to learn and adapt quickly.

You are required to do a Discord voice interview with an Officer prior to receiving your tag.

Class Needs

Bard: Open
Cleric: HIGH
Druid: Open
Enchanter: HIGH
Magician: Open
Monk: Low
Necromancer: Open
Paladin: Open
Ranger: Open
Rogue: Open
Shadow Knight: Low
Shaman: Low
Warrior: Open
Wizard: Open

Please register in the forums using your IN GAME FIRST name.
Check back after submitting your application for a response with a Discord invite.
Please check the #guild-invite chat channel for further instructions.

Please copy/paste this form into a new thread with the Subject line: Your Name - Level and Class.




How many AA?:


Have you read our Handbook and agree to follow our policies and procedures?:

Will you be able to make our raid schedule?:

What is your Mangler experience? Have you raided here? If so, what content and with what guild(s)?:

What is your current key status for Luclin? Emp Key? VT Key? Be specific with obtained pieces, not what you need:

How experienced are you with your class? Do you anticipate changing anytime soon?:

Do you know anyone in the guild? (This is required for FnF Applicants):

Please link your Magelo or Raidloot profile here (mandatory):

Clerics required to have 1.0 for promotion to full member, but not to apply.
VT Key and 75 AA required for promotion to full member, but not to apply.

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